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Each month, the Moon passes through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, spending two and a half days in each one. Every sign is particularly suited to a specific domain of activity and style of working. Like our fluctuating moods writ large, the sign of the Moon can describe the temperament or feel of a current period of time.

The lunar calendars in this series show the cycle of the Moon from New to Full and back again. It also shows the dates and times when the Moon changes sign, while the inner rings show the movements of the planets through the zodiac over the same time period. These activities might be helpful in getting a sense of what the different energies of the zodiac are:


The beginning of the Moon's Void of Course times are listed in red - the void of course ends when the Moon enters the next sign, the next chronological time on the calendar. The void of course Moon is based on the Moon's changing aspectual relationships to the planets as it moves its way through the 12 signs. As the Moon passes through each sign, it forms angular relationships to the other planets in the sky. When it's approaching the end of the sign, there's a window of time between the Moon's last aspect to a planet and its entry into the next sign. This time period, when the Moon is considered Void of Course, is generally unfavorable for starting new activities. Instead, it is a time for reflection and wrapping up loose ends before the Moon's ingress into the next sign initiates a new energy with which to work.

The house that the Moon passes through along its course is quite significant as well. While the signs show what type of activity is most supported, the house indicates the area of life where those actions can have the greatest impact. This layer of detail is highly specific and based on your birth time. If you know your way around a chart and can locate your houses, you'll have a lot more to work with and can apply this information. If not, I offer short 30-minute consultations to explain the unique sign/house combinations which will offer you the ability to understand the Moon's movements more specifically for all its future cycles.

Libra Lunation (September 28 - October 25, 2019) - East Coast (Eastern Standard Time)


Libra Lunation (September 28 - October 25, 2019) - West Coast (Pacific Time)